Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ode to the Fitbit

My friend Hope wrote a poem in 10th grade. I believe it was called "Ode to my bagel" I have wanted to "Ode" something ever since. Seventeen years later and I can finally cross that off my list.

Julius and I are Fitbit wearers. I am a huge advocate for all the basic reasons, but it is also so fun and adds a lot of excitement to my day. I originally got it to track my sleep because of all my issues but fell in love with everything about it. I love to go back and look at what my heart rate was for the day, seeing it spike around 7:30am and 4pm. I then reminisce about the yelling and screaming I was doing at everyone during those times, trying to get the kids out the door for school or breaking up the afternoon fights.

Benjamin has been asking for a FitBit because he really wants to track his steps. The boys love to see who has more, Julius or I. I want to invent a KidBit. What's that you say? They already have that? It was on 'Shark Tank' last year? Then I am afraid I am late to the party again. Or wait, you said that's a good idea and now you are going to steal and patent the idea and the product will be on the shelves late spring? Whatever your response is, I respect.

I let Benjamin wear mine every once in awhile to bed because of his desire for his own. I also wanted to track his sleep because when we check on him at night he usually is not in his bed. He usually has found a more uncomfortable spot to sleep. We oft hear him in the middle of the night coming out of his room and he is always the first to rise in the morning, no matter how late to bed he went. I just wanted to know what his deal was. The first time he wore it I tucked him in and said good night. He was so excited I knew he would not be able to sit still. I shut the door and  heard him marching for an hour back and forth in the room and cheering to himself on as he was accumulating steps. We have since let the boys wear both of ours for an hour or so during the day and it promotes a little healthy competition. For me, it gets them out of my face. They literally do not stop moving. It's actually hysterical to watch them power walk and run in place and come inside very seriously and walk across the house and back out. They both come up to me every once in awhile to see who has taken the lead.

Kidbit would help promote movement in an otherwise generation that sits with bad posture staring at an electronic device. Each child would have a goal per day and there would be severe consequences to a child who did not reach his goal. Maybe no dinner? Throw his or her favorite toy away? Make them pay a fine? I'm kidding. But a little healthy competition against yourself never hurt anyone... Or did it?

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