Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hungry Ronnie

(I just found this post I had written back in January. I think i didn't publish it because I got on my self's nerves while reading it)

Nine years ago I spent 3 months in Costa Rica. Nine years ago while in Costa Rica I started dating Julius who would become my husband and baby daddy. More importantly, nine years ago in Costa Rica while dating Julius, I met someone who will have forever changed my life. His name was Ronnie, Hungry Ronnie. His occurrences were like something from an obnoxious sitcom. Before his story unfolds, a picture of us during this chapter in our lives.
My 20th birthday, February 14, 2003 and the night I started having a crush on this young boy.

Superbowl Sunday 2003 was spent at News Cafe' in San Jose, CR. There were five of us, 19 and 20 stupid yr. olds who would take advantage of the drinking age being only 18. We threw many a  Rock Ice and Imperial's back, didn't watch a second of the game and got asked to leave for loud, annoying behavior. Stupid Americans. While stumbling out of there, we heard five words that would ring in my ears and be on my tongue everyday for the next 9 years. "Hey, you guys speak English?"asked in a high pitch friendly male voice. Alas, another English speaker. In our tipsy stupor we attacked this man with conversation and affection. We talked to him on the streets for what seemed like hours, exchanging stories of the days of old and hearing of his life and how and needed money for food and was wondering if we could spot him some Colones. Some? How about we give you enough to pay your food and rent for a month? While hugging and kissing him good-bye, the only thing he could have been thinking was "Stupid Americans at their finest" as he walked away with a huge wad of Colones.

For the next few days, Hungry Ronnie came up in conversation a good amount. Mainly because we couldn't believe how much money we gave him, but also because yeah, we liked the the guy. About 4 days later we saw him on the streets up ahead leaving a restaurant accompanied by an American. By the looks of it, this American had just bought him a bag of food . We were so excited, "Hey Ronnie!" we screamed, waving frantically to get his attention so we could talk to him and catch up and shoot the breeze. He gave us a strange look and then picked up the pace and dissed us. "Freaking ouch dude" we said, "did our new friend just shun us?".

A few days later at night, Julius was walking my friend Sarah and I to our bus stop so we could go back to where we were staying in Cariari. While walking down an alleyway we heard from afar in a male friendly high pitch voice, "Hey! You guys speak English?" We quickly turned around. "Ronnie!", the three of us exclaimed. He said, "You guys know me?" and was gone in a flash. Quite astonishing how quickly he disappeared. And then it finally clicked. We were the stupid Americans yet again. His strange look from a few days before was that of  an "oh shoot i figured you guys were just tourists  and I would never see you again so I would scam you for all you got. I then was shocked to see you again while I was in the process of conning another".

We didn't stay around San Jose but traveled around the country and then went to live at the beach in Jaco. Over the next couple months, Ronnie became a legend, a legend we were happy to mock. On a daily basis i would preform Hungry Ronnie in my high pitch friendly male voice "Dya guys speak English? The name's Ronnie, Hungry Ronnie, haven't eaten in days" We did not expect to see Ronnie again.

At the end of three months when it was time to go back to the US of A, we went back to San Jose for the 2 last days. While walking down a crowded street through the city , I felt a presence. An all too familiar presence. Before I knew it, I heard something in my ear "This may be a long shot, but do you guys speak English?". As we turned around we said "Ronnie? Really?" and he then walked in the opposite direction. That made my absolute day. I could not have asked for anything more, Oh wait, I could. That day we saw Ronnie scamming a lot of Americans throughout the city. He changed shirts several times. It was like he knew we were leaving and wanted to give us his performance of a lifetime. Julius was able to grab his video camera and catch him in the act. He went up to Ronnie and said, "Hey Ronnie, yes we still speak English". His response was, "Hey get that camera out of my face man, that's scandolous". Knowing that if I ever want to see this historical figure, all I have to do it watch the video, my life is complete. I leave you with one question, and one question only. Have you seen Ronnie?

Disclaimer: My wish for Ronnie in 2012 is that he is full. I hope by now he is working a real job, has a wife, 2 kids and a big house. I do not wish any man hungry.

My favorite song from the 8th grade.
A little Chris Cornell and Pearly Jammy Jam.
I will always think of Ronald when I hear it.


...But I'm going hungry, yeah...
I'm goin' hungry, yeah...
But I'm I'm goin' hungry.

Yeah, I don't mind stealin' bread...ooooooo......
I don't mind...
I don't mind stealin' bread...yeah.....
I'm goin' hungry, yeah....